Ninja Foodi Max

Congratulations to Veronica Pratt

Winning Ticket(s): 401

Ninja Foodi Max OP500UK

Winner Drawn on: November 18, 2022

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We joked about this recently but maybe we really should do this?

We have done quite a few of these now and have numerous owners out there👍

Let’s invite them all into the Garage on Saturday for a ‘cook off’ and crown the Ninja King or Queen😎😃

It’s a tough gig but I will judge if nobody else is willing to😉

The latest WINNER to join our Ninja group is Veronica Pratt from Inverurie.

Veronica had number #401 and that was the random number out of the generator.

Hope you are up for a challenge Veronica🤣💪

Cheers Folks,

Gavin, John & Oscar