Ninja Foodi Max

Congratulations to Shirley Noble

Winning Ticket(s): 397

Ninja Foodi Max OP500UK

Winner Drawn on: November 1, 2022

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Kicking November off was the Ninja Foodi Max.

The demand for these is brilliant and some of the new gallery images show how versatile they are👩‍🍳

Not to mention how hungry they make you🤣

The random number generator stopped on #397

This belonged to our lucky WINNER who was Shirley Noble from Aberdeen.

Congratulations to Shirley who entered after getting fed up waiting for a Ninja she had ordered online that was never appearing🙈🤣

We hope you enjoy experimenting with the Ninja😎

As the dark nights are now upon us and we move into ‘that’ time of year, we have loads of goodies, gift ideas and potential pressies coming up.

All at low ticket prices and with great odds for you.

Best of luck🤞

Gavin, John & Oscar