Congratulations to Benjamin Knight

Winning Ticket(s): 2530

FREE Entry for 2022

Winner Drawn on: February 4, 2022

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The Wheel of Fortune made a guest appearance on the 4th February.

Worth keeping an eye on that wheel, it can turn up anytime and is very unpredictable………

With 4 different colours and 4 possible outcomes, the Wheel stopped on BLUE!

As announced earlier in the day, BLUE meant we would draw a 2nd WINNER.

Benjamin Knight from Gartly was the WINNER with ticket number 2530.

A genuinely delighted Benjamin also answered the phone during the LIVE draw and REALLY impressed us by being fully aware of the Wheel of Fortune!!!!!

Benjamin now has a FREE ENTRY into EVERY competition run on our site for the WHOLE OF 2022!!

If you have not heard about the Wheel, have no idea what we are talking about (that’s quite common, don’t worry) have a read all about the wheel on the competition page.

Thanks everyone.

Gavin & John